Transformation to a Data-Driven Organization: Think 2019 Session #2397

[ first published on the IBM Cloud Blog ]

The most successful businesses will equip every layer in the organization with the data needed to identify and drive growth. The search for this self-service data platform and underlying culture has fuelled IBM’s own internal business transformation in Watson Cloud Platform. Unsurprisingly, the path involves both technical and cultural challenges. Technically, you need to ensure that your data shows the full picture in a timely fashion, with quality information in the tool of choice. Culturally, you need to create an accessible platform that allows subject matter experts to perform deep analysis without becoming data scientists.

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Join us at Think 2019, Session #2397 – “Transformation to a Data-Driven Organization,” to learn how IBM Cloud built a data platform enabling all team members to drive quality and growth. We will discuss technical and cultural challenges that we have faced and the strategies used to tackle them head on.

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Nic Sauriol
IBM Cloud Platform Development | Analytics

Arn Hyndman
Software Design, User Experience, & Architecture | IBM Hybrid Cloud

Client Insight | IBM Hybrid Cloud

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